Our very first Clean Sweep, May 5th, 2012

Our very first Clean Sweep, May 5th, 2012

About the WSpca...

What started out in 2012 as an informal group of civic-minded, passionate residents and business leaders gathering together to accomplish some very early clean-up efforts in and around the Park, the Washington Square Park Community Association, Inc. has now become a formally incorporated non-profit made up of an 11 member all-volunteer Board, helping to lead the charge in revitalizing a key focus area in downtown, Center City, Rochester.

About the Park...

The Washington Square Park is a historical asset to the City of Rochester. It is one of the oldest of the city parks, established in 1817, when original owner, Elijah Johnson, set aside some land for a potential courthouse. The site didn't win out, but instead became a significant place of gathering in its own right over the last two centuries.