Washington Square Park, Rochester, NY

Washington Square Park, Rochester, NY

On Saturday at 3pm, students plan to gather for a rally in Washington Square Park and march in response to recent school shootings. The local “March for Our Lives” event coincides with other student marches in DC and across the U.S. on Saturday. Please plan for delays if you are heading downtown Saturday afternoon.

Event details
March for Our Lives

Washington Square Park + downtown streets.

·        Traffic will be affected downtown from approximately 3-5pm. Streets will reopen as the march ends (approximately 5pm). This could vary depending on the number of attendees.

·        March route: begin at Washington Square Park, west on Court Street, north on Exchange Blvd, east on Broad St, south on Bausch & Lomb Place, end at Washington Square Park.

Closure details
All day Saturday

·        St Mary’s Place- closed all day Saturday until march is over

·        Court Street Bridge- no parking all day Saturday

From march step off (approx. 4pm) to end of march

·        Court Street from South Ave to Clinton

·        Exchange from Fitzhugh to Broad

·        Broad from Exchange to Clinton

·        Bausch and Lomb Place