Pele Yoga opened in the Washington Square Neighborhood in January, right next to the popular hangout, Fuego Coffee, at 1 Woodbury Blvd. It’s prounounced “pey-leh”, like a Hawaiian lei, and “we are inspired by Pele, the Hawaiian volcano goddess - specializing in heated flow-style yoga, free-form dance, and fiery fitness to support our evolution”.


Founder Danielle Rinallo is a Rochester native, 5-year California resident and Hawaii enthusiast, having lived there for two months right before the volcano erupted on the Big Island in 2018. She was inspired to open Pele Yoga when she returned - ready to secure roots in Rochester and support our city’s evolution. She’s a “long time dancer, then corporate saleswoman, turned yoga teacher, she’s grateful to be combining her business acumen with her love for yoga and dance at Pele.”

Creative - Empowered - Movement - is the mantra at Pele. “We turn up the tunes and engage in challenging yet accessible classes so you feel enlivened and supported.” Aloha - Namaste - Love - …”another mantra we use to remind us that we’re connected.”

Beginners and experienced yogis are welcome! There is a retreat to Hawaii planned for next February and Teacher Training starts in July. The expert staff of Pele Yoga guides with clarity and compassion as we learn with and from one another.

Looking to give it a try?! YES!!! Pele is offering a special discount for all new signups: 30 days for $30. Find the full class schedule and more online: Pele Yoga

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