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Make a Donation

If you're considering donating this year, please consider donating to the WSPCA. We're hard at work making the Washington Square Park community and surrounding areas a better place for all.

Benefits/Reasons to support the WSPCA:

  • We're a public charity recognized under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, which means your donation may be tax-deductible. Please consult your tax-professional for more information. 
  • Our board is 100% volunteer - no one takes a salary from the generous giving of their time; 100% of the proceeds of your donation (minus a small fee for online donation processing) goes to making the community better.
  • Our organization works on behalf of the greater community - we exist to make positive changes that YOU will see, experience, and benefit from for years to come.

How to donate:


You can donate online via the donation button at the bottom of this page. Note: The WSPCA incurs a convenience charge of up to 5% for every online donation. 

Mail checks to:

Washington Square Park Community Association Inc. 
1 Capron Street, Apt. 3D
Rochester, NY 14607

2017 Fundraiser Info/Update:  

The goal of the 2017 year is to raise $26,000* for our Initial Start-Up and Pre-Development Phase I work as broken down below.

Initial Start-Up: $4,500

Includes legal fees* and nominal operational expenses from this year. No salaries are paid from any WSPCA funds as all Board members and Committee members are volunteers.

*Our legal team from HSE graciously volunteers some of their time and services, but certainly not all of it. We're proud to have the best of the best legal team on our side and better yet, they're right in our neighborhood. 

Pre-Development Phase I: $21,500

With an initial awarded grant of $15,000 from the RACF, we'll be partnering with the Community Design Center Rochester (CDCR) on Phase I of the project that will start in early 2018. Phase I will ultimately guide the WSPCA through a mini-charrette which includes a community input session, and leads into discussions with a design consultant that will help us get started on the physical transformation to take place in the Washington Square Park. In essence, Phase I will lay the foundation for our actions and decisions that make for the WSP moving forward into the years ahead.


Update: 8/15/17 - The Rochester Area Community Foundation awarded the WSPCA with a $15,000 Historical Preservation Grant from the Klos Foundation. 

Update: 11/15/17 - The WSPCA has received over $18,000 in generous donations for the Phase I project. 

Update: 12/13/17 - The WSPCA has received over $21,000 in generous donations for Phase I project. With about 2 weeks left to go, we are still $4.5K away from our 2017 goal. 

Update: 12/15/17 - The WSPCA received an additional $600 in donations today. Thank you to our amazing donors! Only $3,905 left to go with about two weeks left!

Update: 12/21/17 - The WSPCA received an additional $2,200 in donations over the last week. Thank you to our amazing donors! Only $1,700 left to go with one week left.

Update: 12/23/17 - The WSPCA received an additional $200 in donations in the last couple of days. Thank you to our amazing donors. Only $1,500 left to go!

Update: 12/26/17 - The WSPCA received an additional $400 in donations in the last few days. Thank you to our amazing donors. Only $1,100 left to go! 

As always, we thank you for your consideration and generosity. If you have any questions or would like more information, please do not hesitate to Contact Us

Kind Regards, 
Jason Schwingle
On behalf of the WSPCA Board of Directors

*Why $26,000? That was the original amount that was raised by the general public back in 1892 for the installment of the Soldiers and Sailors monument, the central set of statues featuring Abraham Lincoln at the top, in Washington Square Park. Adjusting for inflation, that original $26,000 is equal to more than $670,000 in today's dollars! While we're giving a tip-of-the-hat to the olden days, we're not trying to raise that much....yet. There's more work to be done in the years ahead, and we hope you stay tuned. 

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