Joy Auch, Board Member

Joy Auch is Regional Communications Manager at Excellus BlueCross BlueShield, which neighbors Washington Square Park.

Excellus BCBS considers Washington Square Park to be an important part of its neighborhood, and is very interested in WSP’s revitalization. Excellus BCBS employees, for example, take lunch breaks and walks in the park, and the park serves as its meeting place for fire drills – ensuring the safety of employees.

Joy’s specific role with the WSPCA board is to assist in matters related to public relations and communications. She holds Bachelor’s degrees in journalism and political science from Syracuse University and a master’s degree in management from Nazareth College. She serves on the board of the Rochester Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America.

Chuck Baylis, Board Member

Chuck Baylis is a WSPCA board member and a member of WSPCA’s Executive Committee. He is the Executive Director of the Military History Society of Rochester, founded in 2006. The Society’s museum collection covers U.S. military heritage from the War of 1812 through current times with a special focus on local veterans, stories and industries.

Chuck, who served in the US Army’s Special Forces from 1963 to 1966, has worked for eight years to get the Washington Square Park’s Austrian cannon restored.



Michael Burns, Board Member

Michael Burns is a WSPCA board member. He has been a resident at the Capron Street Lofts Condominium with his wife Beth since August 2011.

He is Director of Accounting & Payroll at Regional Transit Service and a Certified Public Accountant – State of New York.

Mike wants to be a part of making our neighborhood a great place to live and work!

Cynthia Dana, Secretary

Cynthia is the Circulation Manager at Central Library of Rochester & Monroe County and a lifelong city resident.

She brings experience in making the library a welcome place for all, including people who are homeless. She is excited about revitalizing the WSP community. Having spent her whole career at the Central Library, she has been witness to the many changes in the downtown area. With the influx of residents choosing to live in the heart of the city, library staff is pleased to be part of a community and providing services to a new patron base. Revitalizing the Washington Square Park neighborhood will benefit all who live and work in the community.  The library has a large interest in the revitalization of the WSP neighborhood.

Cynthia has participated in outreach activities in Washington Square Park and has 30 years of customer service experience. The improvements that will be made as a result of the work of this Board are important and vital to the success of the whole neighborhood.



J. Newcomb Losh, Vice President

Newcomb is Vice President of the WSPCA and is a member of the board’s Executive Committee.

She has been a member of First Universalist Church in the WSPCA neighborhood for more than 25 years. A former Eastman Kodak Co. engineer, she has extensive project management experience. She obtained a Master of Public Education, developed an expertise in child care and health care and worked as a management consultant, most recently as a technical writer. She has served on boards of directors of non-profit organizations.

Newcomb is interested in creating activities in the WSP neighborhood to serve community needs, including, but not limited to, a team-building music festival in WSP.

Chris Mannelli, Board Member

Chris Mannelli is is the Executive Director of Geva Theatre Center. He brings strategic planning, fundraising, and audience engagement expertise to the WSPCA.

He holds a B.A. in opera performance from the SUNY Geneseo School of Performing Arts, an M.F.A. in Arts Leadership from DePaul University, and an Executive Scholars Certificate in Nonprofit Management from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management.

In addition to board work with WSPCA, Chris currently serves on the board of directors for the Rochester Downtown Development Corporation. While residing in Chicago, he served on several boards of directors and on the steering committee for Enrich Chicago, a group working to address racial equity.

Geva is committed to the revitalization of our neighborhood and connecting to our community.



Aubrey Marrero, Board Member

Aubrey Marrero is a WSPCA board member and a member of WSPCA’s Executive Committee. She is a Member Service Representative at ESL Federal Credit Union and a Notary Public. As a team member of ESL’s Shared Value and Consumer Prosperity initiatives, her role allows her to get out into the community and engage with our residents.

Aubrey spends nearly 50 hours a week in the WSP neighborhood between working for ESL Federal Credit Union and leisure time. She is a passionate member of the City of Rochester community who looks forward to championing revitalization efforts and developing incredible spaces much like sister cities across the country.

Aubrey also sits on the Asset Partnership working hand in hand with Anti-Poverty initiatives across the county.


Len Schloer, Board Member

Len Schloer is a WSPCA board member. He is Director, Operations and Property Management for Buckingham Properties. Buckingham Properties is interested in seeing this area thrive for the benefit all. 

He feels he can bring a different perspective to the WSPCA organization from those who live and/or work in the community. He has served on other boards over his career and enjoys the collaboration of many to meet a common goal.

Len holds an Associate Degree in Specialized Technology from Pittsburgh Technical College and is working on his RPA (Real Property Administrator) designation.

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Jason Schwingle, President

Jason is President of the WSPCA and leads up the Board’s Executive Committee. 

Jason has resided at the Capron Street Lofts in the Washington Square Park Neighborhood for 7 years. He initiated the Washington Square Park Neighborhood Association (WSPNA) in 2012 and led it to its incorporation as the non-profit WSP Community Association (WSPCA) in 2017.  He has worked for Jetblue Airways for the past 13 years.

Jason is looking to make more substantial, transformative changes in the years ahead to clean up, beautify, and make this one of the city's best neighborhoods. Click here for his Welcome Message. 

Stefanie Schwingle, Board Member

Stefanie Schwingle is a WSPCA board member and a member of WSPCA’s Executive Committee. She has resided at the Capron Street Lofts in the Washington Square Park Neighborhood with her husband, Jason, for 5 years.

She and Jason are Co-founders of and, and co-producers of the annual Movies with a Downtown View.

Stefanie holds a degree in Communication and Media from Clarkson University and brings her background in communication, social media management and event planning to the WSPCA.



Theresa Tornatore, Treasurer

Theresa lives in the Washington Square Park neighborhood and wants to ensure WSP is inviting and safe for all.

She is the Chief Financial Officer at Rochester Hearing and Speech Center, a non-profit organization. Theresa brings 25 years of executive financial and strategic planning experience in for-profits and non-profits.